5 Vintage Spinner Twinkler Christmas Ornaments


5 VINTAGE Spinner Twinkler Christmas Ornaments

Fresh to market from NY antique estate.

5 spinner  ornaments. Approx 3 x 2.5".  All structurally in great shape. Appear to have remnants of the old fake spray snow on them but should be able to be cleaned with some of today's products.  Look worse with flash than in person.

Sweet addition for any vintage xmas decoration collection. Please be sure to click to enlarge and note 3 day listing.  Thanks for looking eme any??

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POLICY: I only charge "actual shipping" from zip to zip. Will compute at auction's end or ask during auction. I always offer insurance...I am now reserving the right to cancel "few feedback bidders" (15 and under) as although these buyers have been some of my best buyers they have also been my worse nightmares. Also any bidders with under 10 feedback must tell me of payment method before auction's end..

International buyers more than welcome but must complete transaction with Paypal ONLY for the reasons listed below. Please note that I shop nearly every day therefore do not have the time to thoroughly clean every item. I will however examine every item for damage, title, authenticity, title, signature, etc.. I have bought/collected for over 20 years, so have a good "concept" of what many items are, BUT do not profess to be an expert of anything, this is why you should ask any and all questions that are "relevant" to you of an item. NO question is too insignificant to ask!!I would rather you know and feel comfortable with an item before bidding to protect yourself and me from you having "buyers remorse" which ends up costing you and me time, money and much frustration.

~~~ I welcome all international buyers who can complete transaction with Paypal Payment. ~~~ I have noted that the most serious, confident and happiest buyers pay within 3 days of auctions end this would meet my criteria, "again" too many items going in and out to hold items for weeks waiting payment. ~~~ Please remember that this is in fact an auction and that what you bid on is your choice, and what I consider wonderful, great, beautiful, collectible or antique may not meet your definition of same, therefore, again, ask any and all questions to be sure of what you are bidding on albeit more photos or many, many questions. It is VERY important to me that this auction is a positive experience for you and me!! Thank you for looking. PLEASE ask any and all ??? you may have of an item, happy shopping, and I also love receiving info of an item.

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